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Morning Shake in 2 minutes

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Every morning I drink a shake for breakfast. I do this for many reasons. Mostly because I lack creativity in the kitchen. I am nothing like Danielle when it comes to cooking. I hate thinking about what to make at mealtime.

Having the same thing for breakfast every day is a life hack I love. This is a strategy for healthy living too since the shake I drink is vegan, high in protein, low in calories, and gives me a lot of energy. It's packed with a lot of stuff that's good for me.

I admit the taste takes some getting used to, but I like this one because of the health benefits.

My days are extremely busy. I've been known to skip lunch (I do not recommend this at all) simply because I forget to eat because I am so busy. At least I know my shake has a lot of nutritional value to keep me going in case I make other mistakes with food later.

I buy a quality vegan powder from Amazon.

I have it on auto ship so I don't run out. The product I like is Vega Protein because it is whey free and I try to skip dairy when I can; however, it has a taste that takes some getting used to. If you aresomeone that isn't up for sacrificing a little flavor for nutrition I would not start with this powder. There are others that probably taste better. I chose this one because of the incredible nutritional benefits and I just forced myself to get used to it. I added a banana to my shake and to me it tastes fine. I make mine with water, ice, and a high-quality, organic juice. I would never take the time to juice. I get it: there are great juicers out there and fresh juice may be slightly better for me.

However, I don't have time or money for all of that. I buy a bottle of an organic, antioxidant blended juice and throw a splash of that in my shake. It takes me all of 2 minutes to make this from start to finish.

I feel great when I start my day with a shake. The cost is low and it's better for me than most breakfast options.

Have fun trying out different options. For me, I avoid making too many changes to my recipe because I am lazy and lack the time it would take to experiment. I am all about efficiency, after all!


1 scoop of Vega Protein (put this in LAST or it will get clumpy)

Handful of ice

liberal amount of water

1/2 to 1 full banana (depends on how thick you like your shake)

Splash of organic juice blend (I switch this up from time to time)

I know it looks a little gross, but it is SO good for you. Honestly, it tastes pretty good! It just takes a little getting used to and remember it is SOOO good for you!!!

Once my shake is made, I hop right into the car and start my day with Rascal Radio. This is my new favorite thing! Rascal Radio is like Pandora for people who want to grow. Rascal Radio is the world's first online personal development radio station. It features incredible speakers who share advice on self improvement topics around finances, faith, friendship, health, leadership, and personal / professional growth. After a shake and some inspiration, I am ready to start my day!

Try it for FREE for 7 days and see what you think using this link.

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